Let Us Zero In On Your Questions

What is your success rate?

For early rifle and muzzleloader elk hunts the opportunity is always over 100%. The harvest of mature bulls 350′ and well above 360′ is very realistic! For archery elk hunts the opportunity is always over 100% with 90% historical harvest-again 360′ plus in ZOF units. (Over 100% means multiple trophy encounters!). For rifle deer hunts opportunity tends to exceed 100% with over 95% harvest. Antelope, bison, Gould’s turkey, ibex, oryx, aoudad, Desert and Rocky Bighorn Sheep hunts in ZOF units have been 100% harvest historically. Record Book animals have also been the historical norm in this program.

Is This Too Good To Be True?

Nope. We help you obtain tags in both the Arizona Draw and the special New Mexico Outfitter draw. When you are drawn we guide you for free. Period. You only pay license, tags, application fees and gratuities. Dozens of hunters have already drawn free trophy hunts with Diamond Outfitters through ZOF. The year you become a member locks in your annual membership price, for life. No strings attached. You can cancel anytime.

Why Did Diamond Outfitters Create ZOF and Why Are They Doing This?

The cost of going on a Western big game hunt has tripled in the last decade. Millions of sportsmen and women cite the “cost of Western big game hunts” as the number one reason why they have given up their dream to hunt North America’s most iconic species. For LESS THAN THE COST OF A DIY HUNT any sportsman on earth can now have an opportunity to hunt with Diamond Outfitters through ZOF.

What If I Draw Two Hunts In The Same Season?

Congratulations, you are going on two free trophy guided hunts. There are no restrictions on how many hunts you draw in any season.

Can I Just Pay Full Price For These Hunts With Diamond Outfitters?

Yes. Our Diamond Outfitters current hunt price list is here. You are not required to be a ZOF member to hunt with Diamond Outfitters.

What species are available to hunt?

There are a total of 16 free trophy hunts available included in your membership if you select both states. Arizona’s premier hunts include Elk, Mule Deer, Pronghorn Antelope, Coues Deer, Bison, Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, Desert Bighorn Sheep and Gould’s Turkey. New Mexico’s premier hunts include Elk, Mule Deer, Pronghorn Antelope, Desert Bighorn Sheep, Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, Oryx, Aoudad/Barbary Sheep and Ibex.
For best draw odds, we recommend that we apply you for all 16 available hunts.

Who submits my hunt application?

We submit hunt applications for you as a value added service to our clients through our in-house concierge service. If you prefer to submit your own, members can get elgible hunt codes from your ZOF concierge rep once the state regulations are published.

What if I cannot hunt this year?

You still want to join today. Your membership benefits increase significantly over time. Your ZOF consultant will procure bonus points for the species you want to hunt in the future during seasons/years you know you could not hunt with us. By telling us “bonus points only”, you will not draw that specific year, but you will continue to build precious bonus points, plus the critical Arizona loyalty points and build your membership benefits through ZOF. New Mexico does not offer a bonus point system but you are in our special New Mexico Outfitter draw.

Do you have references for your guiding services?

Yes. Over 1,700 happy clients that will take your phone call. As the West’s Premier Outfitter, we can assure you of a highly qualified and experienced lead guide for your hunt.

Is it possible to draw multiple tags in the same year?

Yes. It is possible to draw multiple tags in the same year.

Is there more than just a yearly membership?

Yes. Your hunting license through the State of Arizona ($160 non-resident, $57 resident) will auto-renew annually to your credit card as long as you are a member. Additionally, $45 per person, per species will be billed to your credit card for application fees, loyalty point/s, bonus point/s and point guard split between AZGFD and ZOF. These are nonrefundable fees. Note: A nice feature: Arizona only charges applicants the species tag fee when drawn! Your hunting license through the State of New Mexico ($75 non-resident license–includes habitat stamp) will auto-renew annually to your credit card as long as you are a member. In addition a $45 per person, per species application fee will be billed to your credit card split between NMGFD and ZOF. The NM species tag fee/s are fully refundable if unsuccessful in drawing a tag, The New Mexico license and application fees are not refundable. Note: In contrast to AZ, NM charges the full tag fees up front. Here is a link to the species fees that will be added to your credit card by New Mexico:  again the tag fees are refunded if not drawn.
ZOF will complete all your paperwork through our concierge service. If you prefer to self apply, your ZOF consultant will give members the hunt codes.

What is included in your hunts?

Guides, lodging, meals (including non-alcoholic beverages and snacks), USFS and/or BLM permits, private land access and trespass fees (if applicable), all trophy fees, taxes, trophy prep for taxidermist and butcher are included. Not included are any guide/cook gratuities. Gratuities should be based on the retail price of the hunt.
Not included in your membership is charges for the Arizona Draw. The fees are: $160 for Non-Resident Hunting License one time fee per year, $45 for each animal applied for. These fees are non-refundable. AZ will only charge species tags when drawn.
Charges for New Mexico Application will be: $75 for NM Hunting License and $45 application fee per species. These fees are non-refundable. NM charges for the tag fees “Up Front” and will refund tag fees if not drawn. Here is a link for NM tag fees: again, these tag fees will be charged up front and refunded if not drawn.

Is ZOF and Diamond Outfitters a Full Time Outfitter?

Yes and we cannot stress enough how important a distinction this is in our industry. Very few, if any, other outfitters in Arizona or New Mexico are full time. This means we have no other occupational distractions from focusing on you and your hunt success. As you “shop around” ask the outfitter if they are full time, scouting and prepping for your hunt!

Who are the guides?

Most of the ZOF and Diamond Outfitters guides are military Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers, Fire Department and Ambulatory first-responders, Custom and Border Patrol Agents, past Game Wardens and local cowboys. We find the caliber of individuals associated in these industries provide us a level of unmatched integrity in the outdoor industry and matches our companies goal of providing employment opportunities for our Nation’s heroes.

Are you licensed, permitted and insured?

Yes, and all our 60+ guides are also CPR and First-Aid certified. It is a wildlife violation to guide without a license, permit or insurance and even though you are not the guilty party as a hunter, you risk a citation and license revocation for hiring an outfitter or guide without legal credentials.

Can a non-hunter be in camp with us?

Yes! We believe family and friends are what make the outdoor experience complete! The non-hunter fee is typically $200 per hunting day and include all the benefits the hunting client receives but (obviously) is not carrying a firearm or hunting. They may stay in camp, or go into the woods with you as coordinated with your guide.

Do you have discounts for junior hunters?

Junior hunters in the ZOF model are also $399 per year for one state or $599 for both states. Junior hunters should ABSOLUTELY be in this program, it’s simple math! They are accruing points that will give them the best odds of obtaining all 8 Arizona or all 8 New Mexico trophies in their lifetime, they should absolutely be members and savings should be in the tens of thousands of dollars over their hunting lives.

How far will my shot be?

Every hunt is so different. As a general rule, it would be nice for our rifle clients to be able to shoot to 350-400 yards and maybe more. We know this is difficult for some of our clients and it’s our job as your guides to get you as close as you need to be comfortable. We have Best of the West Long Range Rifles and Huskemaw elevation and windage enabled scopes ready for incredible, ethical, long range shots available in some camps with proper coordination with your guide. Archery clients should be practicing to 60 yards and be proficient from 40-50 yards for spot and stalk and up to 40 yards for blinds and tree stand hunting.

How physical are the hunts?

As a general rule, the more physically fit you are, the more options we have as your guide. That being said we guide wounded Veterans, disabled hunters and mobility challenged hunters on hunts all the time. If you can hike 2-6 miles a day in moderate country you’ll be prepared for our hunts. If you cannot we will still accommodate you with a variety of options that include, ground blinds, tree stands, sitting over trails, water etc. We can truly accommodate anyone!

Where can I meet someone from ZOF and Diamond Outfitters?

Our owner Dan Adler is a keynote speaker and seminar host at most of the National hunting conventions each year. As such, you can meet the team at our booths at The Dallas Safari Club, Wild Sheep Foundation, Safari Club International, Western Hunting and Conservation Expo, Eastern Chapter Wild Sheep Foundation, National Wild Turkey Federation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, SCI Chapters in Michigan, Minnesota, Arizona (and more), the Grand-Slam Convention, The World Deer Expo in Alabama, some ISE expos and many more. Contact us to determine if we are coming to your local area anytime soon or to have our outfitter speak at your event.

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Diamond Outfitters is North America’s largest Veteran-owned full time guide service, with a nearly 2 decade track record of producing incredible results for our clients with over 1,700 happy references available.
Your benefits increase over time.
Once enrolled, we can handle all your applications/paperwork for both Arizona and New Mexico including trophy hunts for Arizona’s most premier Elk, Pronghorn Antelope, Mule Deer, Coues Deer, Bison, Desert Bighorn Sheep, Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep and Gould’s Turkey hunts. And/or New Mexico’s premier Elk, Pronghorn Antelope, Mule Deer, Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, Desert Bighorn Sheep, oryx, aoudad and Ibex hunts.

Veteran Owned and Operated

Dan Adler, Owner/Guide - Veteran USAF Officer and Command Pilot for the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office
Many of our Guides are Veterans and First Responders.


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